My name is Naiana, I’m from Brazil and moved to Holland in June 2020.

My tattoo career started 7 years ago when my friend, tattoo artist Marcelo Jaaz, and I had a long walk one day talking about my drawing and art passion Doing so he asked me if I would be interested to learn tattooing under his supervision. I was surprised by his offer but I accepted after he told me that he saw a great potential in my geometric and dot-work style.

Since I was a young girl, I used to make drawings on my arm and on my friends arm to pretend that we were inked. Art and handcrafts have been a big constant in my life since childhood and that guided me to pursue a career in the arts. But along the way, I became aware of design, and that fascinated me so much that I decided to immerse myself in that area.

For many years I worked as a graphic designer and animation designer for e-learning. I enjoyed a lot of what I was doing, but still it wasn’t my passion. But after I inked my first tattoo I realized that I had finally found my real passion.

During the past 7 years, I have specialized myself in geometric style, dotwork techniques, blackwork, fineline and mandalas. With my experience in digital design I’m using this to visualize all my creations in digital form, synched with my client’s original photograph or drawing. This way I am able to offer a realistic preview of the tattoo on their bodies.